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January 27, 2006

"That's not being a fan, it's having a fetish"

I was wondering earlier this week whether to blog about the cancellation of The West Wing, to my mind the finest drama series ever screened. Then, once again, Lib Demmery rather took over.

And now Media Guardian's Organ Grinder has saved me the trouble, as Wing-nuts from the UK have shared their favourite moments here. Two Cathedrals gets my vote, closely followed by In The Shadow of Two Gunmen.

There's lots more best bits here, here, here and here - including this gem:

Sam: Oratory should raise your heart rate. Oratory should blow the doors off the place. We should be talking about not being satisfied with past solutions, we should be talking about a permanent revolution.

Toby: Where have I heard that?

Sam: I got it from a book... The Little Red Book.

Toby: You think we should quote Mao Tse-tung?

Sam: We do need a permanent revolution.

Toby: Still, I think we'll stay away from quoting Communists.

Sam: You think a Communist never wrote an elegant phrase? How do you think they got everyone to be Communist?


Liberal Neil said...

I agree.

Liberal Neil said...


Stephen Tall said...

Agreeing again? This'll do the Lib Dems' reputation no good at all.