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January 31, 2006

This took me way longer than it should have

Apparently 'tagging' is a thing grown-ups do on the interweb. Anyway, Jonathan Calder over at Liberal England has very sweetly pushed the 7/7 challenge in my direction...

7 things to do before I die:

1. travel to every continent
2. read everything I want to
3. find a reliable plumber
4. work out the meaning of life
5. appear on Desert Island Discs
6. live and work in London
7. become immortal

7 things I cannot do:

1. speak a foreign language (to my shame)
2. wink with my right eye
3. like beer or understand rugby
4. work out how to tape a programme on digital TV
5. stop losing umbrellas
6. listen to ‘Quote, Unquote’
7. tolerate intolerance

7 things that attract me to Oxford:

1. Bodleian Library
2. Covered Market
3. Port Meadow
4. University Parks
5. Pitt Rivers Museum
6. Blackwells
7. the bus to London

7 things I often say:

1. “To be fair”
2. “Latte with cinnamon, please”
3. “I’m sorry, but I’ve been on hold for 20 minutes”
4. “For fuck’s sake”
5. “Ah, that’s the County Council’s fault, not the City Council’s”
6. “Sorry I’m late”
7. “I take your point, but…”

7 books that I love:

1. The Unconsoled – Kazuo Ishiguro
2. Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell – Susanna Clarke
3. An Instance of the Fingerpost – Iain Pears
4. The Warden – Anthony Trollope
5. The Corrections – Jonathan Franzen
6. Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire – JK Rowling
7. Moon Tiger – Penelope Lively

7 movies I watch over and over again (well, more than once)

1. Moulin Rouge
2. The Third Man
3. Elizabeth
4. Escape To Victory
5. Casablanca
6. Love Actually
7. The West Wing (I know it's not a movie)

7 people I want to join in too:

1. Peter and Steve at The Apollo Project
2. Neil Fawcett
3. Phil at John Bright’s Body

4. Richard Huzzey
5. Simon at Inner West
6. Rob Knight at Liberal Review
7. Jock Coats


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caroline said...

Love actually ? I would never have guessed!

Stephen Tall said...

Love actually ? I would never have guessed!

Yes, I keep that one quiet.

Steve @ Apollo said...

Yikes - too late to do it now, but will return tomorrow ...

guile said...

jonathan strange.. i just love that book by susanna clarke :)..