What I wrote at Lib Dem Voice

April 08, 2006

A few gallons short of a full tank

If you belonged to a political party that had just been accused by the Leader of HM Official Opposition of being peopled by "fruitcakes, loonies and closet racists, mostly", what might be your response to show up these remarks for the travesty you believe them to be?

Issue a rebuttal, sure. Perhaps threaten a libel suit. And then park an armoured personnel carrier outside the Tories' Spring conference... an wholly proportionate reponse which will, of course, dispel any suspicion that your party is a few euros short of a kilo.

Nigel Farage looks happy as a sandboy in his tank: a small boy sitting astride a big gun. Whisper it gently, but I think he might be over-compensating.