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May 13, 2006

New poll: when should Tony Blair resign?

I've started a new poll over at m'other gaff - www.stephentall.org.uk - to find out when folks think Tony Blair should step down as Prime Minister. I've given six options:
  • Now
  • Later in 2006
  • Mid-2007
  • Mid-2008
  • Mid-2009
  • He should go on and on and on
My view, for what it's worth... Tony Blair has been the most talented, successful and formidable politician of his generation. Had it not been for his monumentally stupid decision to hitch his fortunes to George Bush’s decision to invade Iraq, I have no doubt Mr Blair would still be dominating the British political scene.

But he has passed the point when his leadership of the Labour Party or this country can do anyone any good. Whether he goes tomorrow, or in six months time, is in one sense irrelevant: he no longer wields any effective power.

The only thing his continuing residence of No 10 can achieve is to keep Gordon Brown hanging around. But it is time his Chancellor was given the opportunity to prove his mettle, to demonstrate whether he has the all-round political skills to be Prime Minister.

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carol said...

Take a look at the article on pg 14 from the Newstatesman - "why Blair won't say when". It will enlighten you.