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June 01, 2006

Signs of The Times

Tonight's Question Time panel has no Lib Dem representative, but features two journalists from The Times (Michael Gove and Mary Ann Sieghart).

That wasn't the reason I didn't watch it, mind. The real reason rhymes with dog's dinner.


Cllr David Morton said...

If its any consolation I thought Winner made a fool of him self and was deliciously Knifed by Grove in the closing quote of the programme.

Angus J Huck said...

I disagree totally.

I thought Winner was on brilliant form. He did a marvellous demolition job on Cameron's Conservatives and turned that arrogant little squit, Gove, into a plate of jelly.

Incidentally, Gove declared himself to be a supporter of conscription - forcing people to join the Army, lest we forget.

Behind the open-neck shirts and relentless pursuit of trendiness, the Tory Party remains utterly and shamelessly NASTY.

Tim Roll-Pickering said...

Yes all fear the nasty Conservative who merely supports something that exists in Austria, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Greece, Norway, Poland, Sweden and Switzerland.

Angus J Huck said...

Raising the spectre of conscription was especially apt, given the presence of Michael Winner on the panel.

Back in the 1950s, Winner avoided being conscripted by pretending to be gay (a very novel wheeze which actually did work).

Full marks, Michael Winner. He defied his oppressors and refused to be a robot.

What Bush and Blair, and the people who pull their strings, fear most is people refusing to fight their wars.

In any list of historical figures who have practiced conscription, pride of place should go to Adolf Hitler and Joseph Stalin.

Oh, and by the way, the USA, Belgium, Netherlands, France, Spain, Italy and Argentina have all got rid of conscription in the last 30 years. The advance of civilisation.

Anonymous said...

This Angus HUCK is a complete MORON !!!