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July 30, 2006

I probably think this video's about me

No sooner do I term it a 'vidcast' than the BBC decides to popularise them as 'vodcasts' - a term I (rightly, I think) dismissed as sounding too weird. Anyway I've uploaded a new one:

Talking to camera about talking to camera. It's either meta, or vanity gone mad. You decide.


Rob F said...


I have heard of doing television without a tie (I've heard of it. I'm not sure I believe it.), but without SLEEVES?

Is this outrageous dip in standards etc etc etc horror etc etc etc never in all my life etc etc etc.

I remain your humble servant.

Tabman said...

Hmmm ... you've probably unwittingly (?) provided Andrea from PBC with some "solo entertainment"!

Stephen Tall said...

My apologies, Rob - I felt the need to offset dressing up all posh on Saturday. Next time I'll do it in Black Tie to accord with your most proper expectations.

Tabman - wash your mind out! This is a wholesome, family blog.

Liberal Neil said...

Not as good as Brookers on YouTube ;-)