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August 31, 2006

Kettle Chips (with added vinegar)

Three months ago, I pondered (fisked might be more accurate) one of Martin Kettle's more egregious articles.

Today he wrote - though that may be too strong a word - a piece, Three cheers for the Kennedy cover-up, so utterly devoid of substance, style or wit that - laughably brief though it is - he finds himself quite incapable of sustaining any argument beyond the first tired sentence.

I have only one question: did he really get paid for that word dump? I mean really, actually, like a proper journalist? 'Cos if he did, I so want that gig.

(This being CommentIsFree, Mr Kettle's waste-of-space is followed by a load of brainlessly petulant spleen-venting from thegrauniad's very own green-ink brigade. But one brilliantly pithy comment did capture my thoughts:
"Pot, Twat and Black.")

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