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September 18, 2006

Media tarting

Okay, let's just be clear. This is not about bigging-up myself - it's for the benefit of my mum (who got a bit of a shock when she woke up this morning hearing me on the radio).

Last night's Lib Dem Blog of the Year awards are being reported here (BBC.co.uk: 'Lib Dems award "blog of the year"'), and here (Guardian Online: 'Liberally applied').

And I'm booked for BBC News 24 (7.30 pm-ish) and (maybe) More4 News (after 8 pm).

Keeps repeating to self: I am not Iain Dale.


Iain Dale said...

Ah, but you know you want to be...LOL

Paul Walter said...

I just 'listened again' to both of you "tarts" on Today this morning. You sounded fine Stephen - and not really talking too fast at all, really.

Anonymous said...

You're much younger and better-looking than Iain, for a start.