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October 02, 2006

The best pictures are on the radio

Doing anything at 2 am on Tuesday morning? Me either, so why not tune into Radio Five Live's Pods & Blogs show?*

I'm on, together with ConservativeHome's Tim Montgomerie and Labour's official conference e-scribe, Jonathan Roberts. The three of us muse on the triumph that is Webcameron and chew over the merits and risks of political blogging.

They even play a clip from my vidcast - though sadly not the bit where I'm semi-naked, as I think I'd look pretty hot on the radio.

* or, more likely, you can listen again via the BBC website. (It begins about 8 minutes in here.)


mutleythedog said...

I will support you in every way I can - you are my hero and I will link you to my popular site so you can have extra READERS!! wILL YOU PUT A LINK BACK HERE? oNCE i CAN TURN OFF cAPS lOCK


Ken said...

A face for radio, Stephen?

Stephen Tall said...

well, I haven't got the voice for telly.

Rob said...

I've thought more than once you sound like a young Simon Hughes.

Anywho. I'd like to stay up and listen to you, but I can't think of anything to do for the next 50 minutes that doesn't involve going to sleep. Terribly sorry. But of course I'll listen again tomorrow :)

Stephen Tall said...

"... you sound like a young Simon Hughes"

Content or style, Rob? ;-)

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