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October 14, 2006

Live from Norwich...

... Where I've been watching my older brother, Mark, be inducted as second minister of Norwich Central Baptist Church. (I'm on the far right in the family pic below; Mark's the one standing next to me; beside him are my parents, and then my brother and sister-in-law are on the left.)

It's been the first of what I expect will be many trips to Norfolk now he's moved there.

It looks like a lovely place on first acquaint - just wish it was a little easier to get to. (It's not well placed for an Oxford-based non-motorist.)

On the up-side I've been chauffered everywhere by family who are quite happy to tolerate me anti-socially catching up with some reading.


Jonathan Wallace said...


I think you could at least have fastened your tie for such a special occasion!

Stephen Tall said...

It's worse than that, Jonathan - I hadn't even shaved. Still, jacket 'n' tie on a Sat isn't bad going. (For me.)

Jonathan Wallace said...

I don't think the trainers go with a jacket and tie! Think about me though. I was in a suit and tie for much of yesterday!