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October 07, 2006

Straw demands head-dress removal

Well, do you reckon he asked Saudi Arabia’s Prince Saud Al-Faisal to take it off? Me either.


Anonymous said...

I think, as some wonderful graphics on BBC News demonstrate, that Jack Straw was only objecting to those veils which either totally cover the face, or only leave the eyes showing: the Burqa and Niqab.

Stephen Tall said...

True, but he also broadened the argument to worry that such veils are "a visible statement of separation and difference".

That's taking the argument to another level, and why I posted the photo.

Fine to raise the issue. But just look at the Express and Mail today, and tell me it hasn't brought a lot of latent racism into the open. That's not Jack Straw's fault, and I'm sure he was aware of the risks when he plunged in.

But veils really aren't the biggest issue cleaving our multi-ethnic/racial/faith communities. The debate has been far more heat than light.