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November 24, 2006

Rival virals arrival

Today's thegrauniad has produced its first viral video chart, which I heartily commend to you.

(Though with it comes the graphic realisation that liberals need worry no longer about the invasiveness of CCTV into our everyday lives - YouTube and MySpace are way ahead of the state.)

I could hardly bring myself to watch Seinfeld's Michael 'Kramer' Richards' truly bizarre racist rant. He has, single-handedly, made George 'Macaca' Allen look like the very model of a race relations guru.

And, regrettably, my favouorite video de jour is absent from the list - Gwen Stefani's Wind It Up. I love a good yodelling hip-hop mash-up:

Incidentally, I could instead of typing this be watching the Ashes' highlights on BBC2.

But I
think it might be more comforting to put on one of my favourite DVDs instead...

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