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December 28, 2006

Another year over...

I have finally got round to completing the Grauniad’s political Christmas quiz of the year - 23 out of 25, a suitably obsessive-but-not-deranged score. (And three better than Rob over at Lib Dem Voice.)

The two I got wrong:
George Galloway is evicted from Big Brother, but only after trying to sweet-talk fellow contestant Rula Lenska by talking about their shared interest in?

Venezuela, Uganda or Nicaragua
(At least I didn’t guess Uganda.)

How many Labour backbenchers rebelled against the ID cards bill?

75, 20 or 50
(I stupidly over-estimated the number of Labour MPs who give a damn about civil liberties any more.)

1 comment:

Ken said...

There's a fair guess by the size of the Labour majority though...

(Yes, this is just bitterness that you got one more than me!)