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December 04, 2006

Dreaming of a gold Christmas?

Various Lib Dem luminaries have been asked to select their festive choices for reading and viewing. Frankly I’m hurt I wasn’t asked… but I imagine TPTB in the party assumed bloggers didn’t need much of an invitation to thrust their unwanted views on the public at large. And they were right.

So if you’re just dying to know how Ming Campbell, Saj Karim, Dorothy Thornhill, Chris Rennard, Tim Pickstone or Tom McNally are going to be whiling away their time over Christmas then click here. (M’Lord Rennard proves himself to have previously unknown intellectual shallows.)

If, however, you’re looking for some truly stimulating fare, here’s my rarefied short-list:

  • JFK: an Unfinished Life, Robert Dallek
  • The Discomfort Zone, Jonathan Franzen
  • Significant Others (Tales of the City V), Armistead Maupin
  • Ruling Passions (Dalziel & Pascoe), Reginald Hill
  • On Beauty, Zadie Smith
Other entz
  • Frasier, Season 5 (dvd)
  • Queer As Folk USA (dvd)
  • The Mighty Boosh Live (dvd)
  • The Sweet Escape, Gwen Stefani (cd)
  • The Wire, Season 1 (dvd)
And don’t forget - if you’re buying through Amazon, click via this link to earn the party some commission.


Will said...

The Dallek book is my current read, and I can concur with your recommendation although as far I've got he's not even become president yet (sorry, that's a spoiler).

I'm so far conflicted about whether to respect his triumph over physical ailments, foreign policy acumen and political skill, or disappointed that he managed to buy political success on the back of daddy's money. But in practice, he had to have the skills and the money.

Tom Papworth said...

Of course, you could always start another meme! But like the rest of us you would probably rather forget that shameful incident.

After scanning the reading and watching lists of the Great and the Good, I am disturbed by how serious I have become. I am hoping to polish off Hayek's Constitution of Liberty, all washed down with a possible purchase of Free to Choose on DVD (if I can bring myself to spend $80 on myself this side of Christmas).

I'd better be careful, or I will become one of those politicians who doesn't know who the Arctic Chimps are!

Stephen Tall said...

I'm trusting to m'fellow Lib Dems not to need some top-down meme, but to take up the theme themselves...

Peter Black said...

Now there is an interesting meme - how much money can you earn the party by recommending purchases through their Amazon link. Shameless!