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December 18, 2006

You wait ages for one Lib Dem poll...

Over at Iain Dale’s gaff, you can choose which Lib Dem MP you think has fared best in 2006 in his latest poll.

At the moment, Lembit Öpik appears to be storming to victory, based (I am sure) solely on his political achievements these past 12 months. Perhaps this signifies the end of the ‘Curse of Lembit’?

I voted for Chris Huhne. I thought I should do so once in 2006. And he has - without doubt - been the MP who has most made their mark on the party for the right reasons this year.


Cheeky Girl said...

Lembit Opik? Personally can't see the attraction, but would vote every time for the honourable member for Cheltenham, one Martin Horwood. Why hasn't he made the list? And a former Oxford councillor at that!

Peter Black said...

Judging by the Evening Standard today the curse of Lembit lives on. Must have been a slow news day.