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January 19, 2007

Shotting themselves in the feat

It’s awfully kind of Lib Dem News to correct their story last week - highlighting the results of that poll - which accidentally re-christened me John Tall.

LDN even reprint the web-address of my blog to help drive traffic here. It’s a shame they’ve got it wrong - www.oxfordliberal.blogshot.com won’t help you much unless you’re looking for airline tickets, hot lingerie or big booty. (Which, as it’s a Friday night, you very well may be.) But, still, it’s the thought that counts.

Incidentally, my dad tried to post a comment to my blog last week, expressing his faux-outrage at LDN’s making merry with his name… then lost his nerve. But he did e-mail it to me, so here’s a - genuine - extract:
As for using the names Rachel Elizabeth as an intended “toughening up” regime for our son, Stephen, I remind him (or perhaps I’ve not broached the matter before, in which case I’ll tell him) that, just as in his younger days his clothes were often hand-me-downs from his two older brothers, the same process applied to these names. Never say his parents were anything other than consistent.

Now that he’s (almost) reached his fourth decade, we can’t help but note that he’s emulating our one-time parsimony over clothing by himself choosing to dress with becoming sartorial elegance in the current high fashion of holes and tears in faded jeans. That’s not to mention his willingness occasionally to divest himself entirely of all (visible) clothes – and all in the cause of party politics. Can self-sacrifice go further?
(I've a feeling I may have to turn comment moderation on soon.)


Iain Dale said...

At least we now know where you get your sense of humour and writing ability from!

What we want to know, though, is this. Has he visited Tottyland?

Paul Walter said...

At this rate, LDN will have to publish a "Corrections and clarifications" novelette rather like the Guardian. I always enjoy it when the Guardian has to apologise for corrections to corrections, now dearest Deirdre is following suit.

Can your father be encouraged to set up his own blog? He is very amusing.

I saw this mention of "Tottyland" by the Dalester. So I visited it (presumably tottyworld.blogspot.com). I felt the colour of embarrassment rising in my cheeks after just a second looking at it and quickly exited. I would not recommend a visit for your father unless he is looking for things to bring up at his next confession!

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