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February 13, 2007

There's seven hours of my life I'll never get back

Last night was Oxford City Council's budget-setting meeting. It's always a long-winded, grandstanding, pettily partisan affair (show me a Council budget debate which isn't); this year's was no exception.

As you may gather, I'm no fan of such occasions. But as I was co-presenting the Lib Dem administration's budget, I had little choice but to endure the whole seven hours from start to finish.

  • You can read my speech proposing the Lib Dem administration's budget here.
  • You can read all about Labour and the Greens' decision to ramp-up park-and-ride charges here.
  • And you can read all about the deal the Lib Dems and Greens eventually struck here - including meeting the Lib Dem pledge to keep Council Tax down.
And now the rest of tonight is devoted to not doing politics.


Anonymous said...

You don't seem to enjoy Council meetings; this isn't the first time you've complained.

Have you ever wondered whether you're in the right job?

Patrick Murray said...

anonymous, if you thik being a cllr is only about full council meetings (usually once every 6 weeks at most) then you have a very narrow definition of what being a cllr is about.

Stephen Tall said...

Anon - being a councillor is probably the most enjoyable job I have ever done. Attending Full Council is probably the least rewarding thing I do. There's no conflict between these two views.

AverageEarthman said...

Maybe if there weren't any councillors who enjoyed full council meetings then the whole thing would be over in a lot less than seven hours.

I'm an academic, and I know the hell of being stuck in a meeting with someone who likes the sound of their own voice.