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April 30, 2007

I can take a hint

Full Council today - 46 questions on notice have been tabled for Oxford's seven executive board members, an average of over six for each of us to answer. Except none of them are for me. Not one.

Nor is this an exception. I have been asked three questions in total in my year's servitude as the executive member for Better Finances. It's made my life easier, I guess, but it's not a healthy state of affairs.


Anonymous said...

Would the Portfolio Holder for Better Finances agree that numbers are confusing and boring and generally don't make good fodder either for councillors doing their casework through Full Council questions, or for councillors trying to score pitiful political points in front of the lone local journalist in the chamber?


Stephen Tall said...


cheers, stephen

Anonymous said...

Maybe it just means that you have done such a good work, that nobody has anything to complain about.

donpaskini said...

I feel your pain - I never used to get asked any questions either (except occasionally from Stuart Craft about the evils of multiculturalism). It is possible to take revenge, should you have nothing better to do, by threatening to make statements at council.

Anonymous said...

We had five statements from Susanna yesterday, Don.

You got out at the right time...