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May 24, 2007

Henry Campbell-Bannerman - can you help?

An unusual request arrived today in my e-mail inbox:
Do you know where I can find (on-line) copies of photographs of this man's younger years and relatives? Thank you very much.
I'm stumped... If you can assist, please leave a comment, or mail me here.


RogerC said...

Not sure where you can find online pics but there were some pics of Sir H C-B in his youth in Roy Hattersley's recent biography.

Nathaniel Tapley said...

It's not really his youth, but this one appears to be about 15 years earlier than most others: http://cache.eb.com/eb/image?id=7060&rendTypeId=4

Google Image search also returns a thumbnail for a line drawing which looks like it was done about 1870(?) but the link is broken (it was to a site called www.jiten.com, which appears to be completely broken). You can see the thumbnail on the first page of results.