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May 28, 2007

Rain stopped play

You can tell it’s a Bank Holiday… here’s the grim view from my flat today.


simon said...

Oh look- bins! What a nice view Stephen! Is that the view from every window in Oxford now?!

Rob Fenwick said...

Is that a balcony I see before me?

Stephen Tall said...

It is, Rob, from which I can look out over a magnificent vista of the council's social services car park.

(Fyi, Simon, the bins you see belong to the pub next door, and have been there for years.)

simon said...

I'm pulling your leg about the bins! Not even the LibbyDems would foist THOSE on the poor householders of Oxford City (...not until the next locals)! Why am i not surprised in the slightest that you live within stumbling distance of a pub!