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September 24, 2006

Cleggy's off to a flier

Nick Clegg is off to a flying start in my new poll asking which Lib Dem MP had the best party conference.

Over 40% of you have so far chosen the Sheffield Hallam sex-bomb Home Affairs spokesman as your star turn, followed by Chris Huhne (25%) and Ming Campbell (22%) who are currently vying for the runners-up spot.

But there is still, of course, all to play for - which may come as some consolation to Julia Goldsworthy, who is currently languishing in last place with nul points.

If you’ve not yet voted - and especially if you're from Cornwall - it’s not too late…

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Will said...

The nickname "Cleggy" has now instilled in my mind an image of Ming, Vince and Paddy as the protagonists of Last of the Summer Wine.

Probably best not to speculate on the identity of Nora Batty...