What I wrote at Lib Dem Voice

October 18, 2006

The latter is the correct answer

This is really rather brilliant...

(Hat-tip: Guido Fawkes.)


Anonymous said...

Have you seen Guido re Belinda Oaten header at mid afternoon.
The Cornish Liberal Democrats would jump for joy with the second home cock up by Sarah Newton the newly elected Tory PPC for Truro.
Tory Members look as though they are going to make it another Crossley saga.

Anonymous said...

Local Tories Do not seem to like the pachuted candidate Sarah Newton.
I think it is to do with her delayed commitment to working the constituency until next summer and this red rag of owning a second home. Manna to our ears.
Go on Julia or Matthew get stuck in on this holiday home issue and you will retain the seat for us.