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October 18, 2006

New vidcast: behind the ferns at Doughty Street

As promised, here's my behind-the-scenes peek into 18 Doughty Street filmed before and after my guest appearance on Iain Dale's Vox Politix. (Which, ahem, you can watch again here.)

Enjoy the high-quality production, well-lit intro, and seamless editing.

PS: or you can watch it on YouTube here.


ecofx said...

Nice one Stephen. An example of people in politics of different persuasions improving dialogue together and you're playing a good part.

Tristan said...

Spotted a spelling mistake... You thank all at Doughty Steet...

Aside from that, interesting about Iain talking about 'preaching to the converted'... but at least he's up front about his agenda.

I would love for them to get a more liberal views, but I think that should come (its needed to counter both the Tories and the Labour people when it comes to many issues and to challenge people like Oliver Kamm when he claims to be a liberal...)

Joe Taylor said...

"[...] lost to the Lib Dems, but claims to be over it now. [...]"

Give me a LOL... I hope Iain takes that in the spirit it was intended... ;-)

Stephen Tall said...

Thanks for your comments, guys.

And kudos to Iain, Joe - he e-mailed me re the video to say: "V good. Captioning a bit dodgy though!"