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October 05, 2006

The 'Why do you blog?' meme

The Council press office has been in touch: "Would you be agreeable to send me about 120ish words (sorry, know that's not much) to educate people about blogging and why you do it etc please?"

Here's my answer:
The reason I blog is quite simple: I have stuff I want to say, and which I hope some folk may want to read. My blog is my space to write about whatever’s delighted or annoyed me that day, and forces me to arrange my half-formed thoughts into something semi-coherent. That my readers, wherever in the world they are, can then leave comments taking me to task helps keep me honest and up to the mark. I think the best blogging is the kind of thing you'd want to say down the pub if you'd had the chance to script it. It’s informal, clever, spiky, funny, sexy, pithy, cool - like starring in your own version of The West Wing.
What's yours?


Bernie Hughes said...

All of that. Plus the fact that no-one else will listen.

Susanne said...

Everything plus the fact it's my space to say what I like. A chance to get things off my chest and not let the begger run rough shod.