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November 07, 2006

Here's my prediction, so get ready to laugh

With polls about to close - and no exit polls yet leaked - time to put my credibility online...

House of Representatives:

Democrats = 221
Republicans = 214

Democrats = 48
Republicans = 52

PS: I've remembered what I love about US elections - I haven't been up since 5am delivering leaflets, knocking-up potential voters for 12 solid hours, or scrutinising the count until 2am. I can just relax and enjoy the excitement like a normal person. (Well, a normal person with a slightly obsessional interest in elections, at any rate.)


Matt Sellwood said...

My predictions....

House: 226-209 Democrat/Republican
Senate: 48 Democrats-2 Independents (caucusing with Dems) - 50 Republicans
Gubernatorial: Democrats to lead Republicans by five.

boy, we're sad...!


neonprimetime said...

My prediction from yesterday.

Rob said...

Sky News have leaked the exit polls which suggest gains at the top end of the Democrats expecations - gaining both houses

Stephen Tall said...

doesn't that guarantee a stronger-than-expected Republican showing...?

David Rundle said...

Is this taking into account the polling station glitches and the likelihood that close results will leave some states either undecided for days or with an elected representative who failed to get the requisite mandate? (Sound familiar? What a beacon America is to the rest of the world).

One normal person's off to bed. And me too.

Liberal Neil said...

My prediction on pb.com was:

House of Representatives

Democrats 234
Republicans 201
Others 0


Democrats 50
Republicans 48
Others 2 (Lieberman & Sanders)


Joe-mentum of 47.50%

And that shouldn't be too far out.

I appear to be much better at predicting US results than UK ones ;-)