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November 05, 2006

New film: What the US Democrats and UK Tories have in common

Uploaded for your viewing pleasure: my reflections on the US mid-terms, drawing a few tentative parallels between the Dems and Tories.

If you don't want to watch, or have a steam-powered Interweb connection, you can read what I've got to say here.


Will said...

I don't agree that the Republicans have a GOTV strategy the Dems can only dream of. The Democrats have been significantly building their GOTV campaign over the past few years and shouldn't now be at much of a disadvantage in this area. Today's polls also show Republican voters less keen to turn out than Democrats.

Richard Gadsden said...

Stephen, your mouth is too wet - I keep hearing you making strange noises.

Jonathan said...

Sorry Will, I'm with Stephen. You can't beat someone with no-one. The GOP have motivated supporters like the Dems can only dream of.

Stephen Tall said...

Thanks, Richard - not too sure that's ever been said to me before.

But you are right, and I apologise. Next time I'll eat three cheese crackers without water beforehand.

Stephen Tall said...

Will - my understanding (which may be out-of-date) is that the Republicans' GOTV strategy benefits from being centralised and professionalised, whereas the Dems have tended to rely on local efforts, and affilitated (but non-party) groups. Apparently this is changing, but the Dems are still playing catch-up.