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December 08, 2006

Blog-roll dust-down

I have, finally - and after putting it off for months - got round to updating my blog-roll links, adding a few new categories to create a little more variety.

In particular, I've linked to blogs I know link to me, or have highlighted posts I've written. I'm bound to have missed people out; sometimes it will have been an accident... E-mail me if I've unjustly snubbed you.

PS: I stupidly deleted my list of Lib Dem blogs, and so have had to re-build it. Let me know if I've forgotten to add you again.


Anonymous said...

If you are quick, you can still compare your current page to the one in the Google cache, and see which Lib Dem blogs you have forgotten.

I can see that of the Lib Dem weblogs you had previously linked to you have missed at least Andy Darley, Colin Ross, Forceful and Moderate, Iain Sharpe, Joe Taylor, Martin Tod, Pigeon Post and Simon Mollan.

May I also recommend considering the following Lib Dem blogs, previously not listed, to your blog-roll: Liberal Review, Charles Anglin, Nick Barlow, Steve Guy and Mark Valladares.

(If you think that wasn't an appropriate suggestion, please feel free to delete this comment.)

Praguetory said...

Cheers for the link. Will reciprocate shortly.

Stephen Tall said...

Thanks for doing my work for me, Anon - appreciated!

Anonymous said...

Please check your link to Jock’s Blog, there's something strange about it.