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December 08, 2006

Christmas, Actually

Christmas - it means so many different things to so many different people. Well, that’s the traditional festive cliché done.

To me, it means having to sign 1,600 Christmas cards in the next 10 days; mainly for work. (Though there’s some ‘political’ cards, too. Oh, and I still have a few friends in the real world.)

I refuse to use a stamp or pre-printed cards. And I insist on addressing each one individually. Which is doubtless very sweet of me. In reality, it means that anyone who receives a Christmas card from me after I’ve signed the first 50 won’t be able to read my scrawl. My signature starts to resemble the decline evidenced by Guy Fawkes’ moniker during the course of his torture.

Tonight was the first night, and I got through my statutory 160 in two hours. Co-incidentally the length of time it takes to watch my favourite Christmas film, the unjustly maligned Love Actually. (Yes, I know it was on ITV1 yesterday - yesterday I was talking about Oxford city council’s budget til 11pm.)

Click on my blog profile, and you will see LA listed as one of my top seven films, a view from which I do not resile having watched/listened to it again tonight. As far as I’m concerned, those who disagree have no soul.


Jonathan Wallace said...

I saw a bit of Love Actually when I got back to the flat from Cowley St at 10pm. Never seen it before but I was vaguely aware that it had Hugh Grant as the PM and that woman from Eastenders. After a while I asked Richard why they did not appear to be in the film only for them to pop up a couple of minutes later. I have to say that under your classification, I am a person without a soul!

Paul Burgin said...

And I thought 50-80 was bad enough! :/

Iain Dale said...

Yet again there is cross party agreement. Love Love actually.