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March 07, 2008

Delayed blogging of Question Time Extra

Okay, so this blog stutters carries on by popular(ish) demand. Many thanks for the appreciative comments left, and the handful of emails I've received. Really, I'm blushing.

For those who somehow contrived to miss my stellar appearance on BBC News 24's peak-time blockbuster hit, Question Time Extra, you can relive my 25 minutes of glory via the wonders of the web here. Rarely have I watched the whole of the main Question Time show with such dedicated concentration as last night, especially knowing that I was about to appear live on air to try and make sense of the Lib Dems' position this week on Europe. I gave it my best shot.

Actually the whole thing was made much easier by (i) Shirley Williams' barnstorming appearance to defend the Lib Dems' pro-European stance. When she wants to be she's an absolute star. And (ii) sharing the panel with ConservativeHome.com's Tim Montgomerie - I doubt there's a single issue we agree on, yet he's wonderfully polite and good company. (Tim - my mum thought you were excellent as well, by the way.)

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

It's interesting to catch up with these debates long after they have faded from the headlines.

You LibDems definitely seem to fail to score points against your opponents on the night, but your positions are far more sustainable in the long run and appear to retain both their validity and relevance in comparison to the tory hit and run style.

I think now I will have to give you a second look when the next time comes round.