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March 08, 2008

Sclerosis of the Liverpool

What’s in a word? A lot, it seems, if the current debate on Nick Clegg’s use of the word ‘Sclerotic’ is anything to go by. Myself, I think the British public can handle learning a new word if they don’t know it already.

Perhaps I can refer those who are dubious to The West Wing, and a discussion about whether the word ‘torpor’ could be deployed in a political speech:

“It's not our job to appeal to the lowest common denominator. It's our job to raise it. If you're going to be the ‘Education President,’ it'd be nice not to hide that you have an education.”

Quite so.

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Gavin Whenman said...

My problem is that even after looking up ‘Sclerotic’ I was none the wiser: our "hardened"/"thickened" political system? There are just so many other words that could be used that make his meaning so much clearer.