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November 06, 2006

Politics without hang-ups

It's not happened here (yet), but it can only be a matter of time. When it does, I have no doubt the Lib Dems' very own John Hemming will be straight on the case.

From Wonkette:

Robot phone calls are driving people nuts throughout the northeast [of the US]. The prank calls claim to be from one candidate (the Democrat) while they’re actually from the other (the Republican).

Prerecorded phone calls have been a pathetic part of campaigns for a generation, but these new robo-calls add a new element: Hang up, and the phone rings again. Hang up, and the phone rings again. Some of the robots are making seven or eight calls in a row to the same number.

The infuriated voter trying to eat dinner or beat his children ends up wanting to kill the candidate blamed for the call.

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