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November 06, 2006

Close, but only half a cigar

It'll be good, but not quite good enough - that appears to be your view on what the Democrats can hope to get out of tomorrow's US mid-terms.

A whopping 80% of those who have so far voted in the poll over at my other gaff reckon the Dems will do enough to win control of the House of Representatives, but fall short of snatching the Senate away from the Republicans.

There is, of course, one other scenario which my poll doesn't allow for - the Senate could be tied at 50 each. Indeed, that is the result predicted by the latest Polimetrix poll as reported on Political Wire, which would be a throwback to the position which pertained (for a few months) in 2001.

The Republicans would still retain control, but only on Veep Cheney's casting vote. (Which might at least keep in check his propensity to go human quail hunting.)

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Joe Otten said...

And there's always the Diebold effect. Look out, again, for cherry picking from the exit polls to make them appear consistent with the Diebold counts.